igormaxokov_chelyabinskLocated in the Ural Mountain region—the border of Europe and Asia—the Chelyabinsk Learning Center offers pastoral ministry and Christian education classes to students from the Bashkortostan, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Perm, Udmurtia and Yekaterinburg regions. As the area’s only evangelical seminary, it offers students in this geographically isolated region a rare chance to study theology at the college level.

Chelyabinsk Regional Educational Center was founded in 1999.  This is one of our oldest centers; it was started by MTI (Moscow Theological Institute) before it merged with Moscow Theological Seminary in 2006. The center has owned it’s own facility since 2001.  This building enables them to house students and includes a dining room and kitchen, recreation room and two classrooms.


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