Celebration of Diplomas Awarded in Chelyabinsk

Celebration of Diplomas Awarded in Chelyabinsk

Posted January 15, 2021

Just last month, students in the Moscow Theological Seminary branch in Chelyabinsk defended and then were awarded their Bachelors in Pastoral Ministry. Eleven students passed the exam in homiletics (preaching). The student programs lasted as long as five years. It was a time to celebrate.

Others received their diplomas in –

  • Local Church Organization: Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Counseling those with Disabilities and their Families
  • Church and Personal Finance – Generosity in Biblical Perspective
  • Family Crisis Counseling – care and biblical solutions
  • Church Development – growth through small group ministries

The students were greeted by the President of the Moscow theological seminary- Peter Mitskevich, and seminary teachers.

Graduates remember years of study as a blessing!

New Seminary Student Enrolled in the Missions Program

New Seminary Student Enrolled in the Missions Program

From the seminary’s desk…

Roman enrolled in the missions program. Since 2013, he moved from Ukraine to Russia to be an active missionary in the city of Vladimir where he planted a new church.

Now after four years, his young congregation is growing and alive. There are about 20 people most of whom receive communion and baptism. Most of the families are young with from one to four children each.

Roman is eager to get the best experience of seminary teachers, systematize his knowledge, gain in his understanding of the Scriptures all to become the most effective pastor he can be in growing his young church.

POSTED: December 14, 2020

RLM Annual Report

RLM Annual Report

Annual Report 2020 Available Now

The Annual Report for Russian Leadership Ministries is now ready for your review. It will give you a bird’s eye view of our work: the challenges we’ve addressed, the goals we’ve set for 2021, and the wide range of accomplishments – all by God’s grace.

Download your copy:  RLM Annual Report 2020

Enjoy! And praise God with us for students trained, faculty engaged, graduates on the field, churches alive and standing as witness to the life-changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are grateful for your continued prayers and support.

Thank you!

Your brother in Christ,

Dale Kemp
Board Chairman and President
Russian Leadership Ministries

POSTED: November 25, 2020