Despite ongoing challenges and restrictive religion laws, I’m inspired by the faith of Russian Christians courageously focused on reaching their nation for Christ.

In the far-flung towns and villages of Russia, it’s not uncommon for there to be only one voice for the Gospel. In many places, there are no Bible-teaching churches at all. Yet God has called dedicated Russian Christians (like the couple above) to figure out how to reach these remote places.

These Christians need help now to share the good news of Jesus Christ with their fellow Russians.

Nearly 400 Russian leaders are waiting to receive ministry training at one of Russian Leadership Ministries’ regional training centers. To equip these leaders and meet our goal of 1000 leaders prepared this year, we need $236,000.

And with your help, we can reach this goal!

Give $70 and provide valuable training for a pastor or ministry leader for a month.

Give $840 and provide valuable training for a pastor or ministry leader for an entire year.

If you’ve given a gift already this month, please know that Russian pastors and church leaders are grateful for your support. But if not, will you be a part of this important work now?

Your prayers and financial support are much needed and greatly appreciated. Through your partnership, Russian Leadership Ministries is preparing hundreds of church leaders to impact Russia, and lives are being transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

POSTED Aug 10, 2017

In the midst of the Republic of Kalmykia, where the majority of religious people are Buddhist, a group of Christians prayed for years that a pastor would come and serve their community. They were blessed when Alexander, a pastor with 13 years of experience in a small church, moved to their area.

While serving, Alexander decided that he needed to attend seminary for better training. In order to serve the Kalmykian people well, he believed:

“I need to preach, and for preaching you need to know at least basic things. Therefore, training became a necessity…I felt a need for development.”

Alexander was able to get training from one of nine regional training centers across Russia supported by RLM. While at seminary he studied the sources and history of the Bible and received the serious training he was looking for.

Today, Alexander continues to serve the Kalmykian people, and he is now serving a second church and is leading a home group in the Kalmyk language. Alexander was recently officially ordained to the pastoral ministry!

Thank You for Your Support

When you partner with RLM you are training church planters and ministry leaders like Alexander and introducing men and women to the truth about Jesus Christ and the hope of salvation.

There are many people in Russia – even entire ethnic and people groups like the people of Kalmykia – who still need to hear the Gospel. Would you pray today for Alexander and others like him who are faithfully carrying the message and hope of the Gospel?

POSTED Jun 28, 2017 

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