MTS Students Travel to Komi Republic

MTS Students Travel to Komi Republic

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Students in Mission – in their own words.

The session of the Pastoral Ministry, Theology and Counseling group ended the fourth session last week. The extended time enabled us to communicate with each student. We were very impressed with their ability to interact.


One student from the Komi Republic (1712 km from Moscow), Anton, decided to get a theological education. He wanted an informed understanding of the Word of God. So that he might engage in children’s ministry in his small church in Vilgort, Anton invited Victoria to join us. She is a theological group student with a puppet theater from Moscow central church. They plan to travel to Anton’s home, the Komi Republic, to tell the children about Christ. They developed a program about His birth; it’s lively and fun.

Victoria says that they prayed a lot with their team about going all the way to the Komi Republic. Air tickets are expensive. It is also expensive to transport props. The church does not allocate money for their ministry. So, they prayed. God saw everything! They managed to find work in Moscow and set aside the money for the mission trip to Komi.

Anton organized a team meeting at the airport, arranged to host team members in the homes of members of the local church. He also arranged to visit Christian youth in local orphanages.

In Komi, the team visited four villages. Evangelistic meetings were organized with rural children and with children from orphanages.

These villages are nearly uninhabited. Young people go to the big cities. The elderly live their days in the villages. Some of the townships have only 300 people.

In the evenings it is very dark – no street lights; no entertainment. Many people drink away the hours and use drugs; they may have children and then abandon them.

Anton, a student of the Moscow Theological Seminary along with the pastor and his family worked hard during this last Christmas season to bring a message of purpose and hope.

They brought sweet gifts to many children who live in orphanages, apart from a mother and father.

Watch a full PowerPoint presentation from the trip.


POSTED Apr 24, 2019

MTS Certificates and Facility Improvements

MTS Certificates and Facility Improvements

We are happy to report a celebration in Moscow for six students who have successfully completed a three-year course of study.

Certificates Granted

The MTS Professor, pastor Nikolai Kornilov, presented Certificates of Completion in recognition of the rigorous work, which is all directed toward ministry leadership. The students expressed their deep appreciation to the seminary, the professors and administrators who supported them in the program. The photographs below tell the story; special gifts accompanied the certificates; along with a prayer of dedication.

Several of the graduates expressed interest in continuing in the MTS Bachelor track.

Facility Improvements

Also, you’ll notice the photographs from our MTS facility which include disability access, which is now complete. It is a result of government inspections. MTS was pleased to comply.

The changes allow a new level of access for people with disabilities including the visually impaired as well as those who require wheelchair access. We now have signage in Braille, special ramps and improved access in our restrooms.

We thank God for our graduates and our improved facilities!

POSTED Apr 14, 2019

Khabarovsk is a fishing community in far-east Russia along the Amur River, just 19 miles from the Chinese border. The Center trains church leaders and ministry workers from Asia and Russia.

Students can come from up to 1,000 miles away. The training center that Moscow Theological Seminary supports is the only viable option for biblical and ministry education for believers in the region.

In 2003, M T S graduate Svyatoslav Tutunik assumed the center’s leadership. The center is protected by a license granted by MTS.

Outside of classes, students apply their education in regional churches by preparing and preaching sermons, leading services, organizing evangelism opportunities and teaching in Christian children camps.

Here are some recent photos of classes held in Khabarovsk.


POSTED Feb 25, 2019