Daniel Block, PhD., Visits Russia

Daniel Block, PhD., Visits Russia

Dr. Dan Block, a valued member of the RLM Board of Directors, spent ten days in Russia teaching and ministering to our MTS students, graduates and church leaders in several cities.  He has authored over twenty commentaries and books regarding the good news of the Old Testament.

From 2005 to 2017, Professor Block was the Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College.

“It truly was a memorable week for me—helping a considerable number of key leaders discover the grace of God in the Gospel according to Moses (Deuteronomy),” Dan said.

In Novosibirsk, he met with some fifty pastors teaching “A Biblical View of Worship” from Psalms 94 and 95. On Sunday, he preached on Psalm 23, “Shepherds After the Order of Christ.”

Dr. Block is a specialist on the Book of Deuteronomy. He calls it “The Gospel According to Moses.”

One attendee put it this way: “Tonight Dr. Block is teaching the pastors on Biblical Worship. People we read of in Scripture and in history fall on their face before the presence of God. They worship with homage and awe. It’s not the externals, it’s not about feelings, it’s about a heart overwhelmed by the greatness and mercy of God.”

Another said, “Students here are pastors and missionaries, active in ministry, who are being strengthened in their teaching and preaching of God’s Word, guarding the treasure of God’s Word entrusted to them.”

Traveling with Dr. Peter Mitskevich and his daughter, Dan returned to Moscow and taught from Ezekiel 35, “A Divine Heart Transplant” on the next Sunday and then met with the MTS Board for meetings in Moscow.

One of his students said, “Dr. Block’s book on a biblical Theology of worship (“For the Glory of God”) has been instrumental in my life and view of worship. [I am] very grateful for his work.”

Dan and I were then privileged to attend board meetings at Moscow Theological Seminary.

We are blessed to have a board member with such a heart for our work and mission. His willingness to travel and engage our leaders across Russia sets an example of generosity, intentionality and care.

Thank you, Dan!

Dale Kemp

POSTED Aug 25, 2019