From the City of Engels – In His Own Words

From the City of Engels – In His Own Words

Meet Evgeny – one of our students.

Here is his story – in his own words.

I learned about the seminary from a minister: good programs, good teachers, a team. Therefore, when there was an opportunity to learn, I responded vividly to it, because I myself already matured for this and understood that this was necessary, especially if I wanted to be a further minister. The servant cannot learn, training is an important and necessary part of the life of an ordained minister.

When I came to study, I liked the fact that not only knowledge, like knowledge that can be acquired, but the learning process forms the thinking in accordance with the Scriptures, was given to me. And for me, it is also important: not just knowledge, but the formation of biblical thinking. In particular, on the subject “Theology of the New Testament,” the teacher does not tell us in the form of facts only but conveys the ideas that are proposed to be interpreted from a broader perspective.

A recently held homiletic workshop dramatically changed my approach to building a sermon. In particular, right here at the session, I began to think about how I make a summary and what I am talking about. I decided to change my approach to citing Holy Scriptures frequently and began to focus on a few that reflect my theme and thesis of the sermon. These changes will allow the listener to focus on the main idea of ​​the sermon. For me, this moment was important. The English course pushed for self-study and development of this language. These activities proved to be a good impetus for further development.

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In a word, communication with teachers broadens the mind, allows to reflect on current trends in fraternity. Together with the objects, a base is being formed and prepared, from which I would be able to orient myself and understand in which direction to move me in matters of self-education.

This Year’s Graduation in Moscow

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POSTED Jul 22, 2019