MTS Certificates and Facility Improvements

MTS Certificates and Facility Improvements

We are happy to report a celebration in Moscow for six students who have successfully completed a three-year course of study.

Certificates Granted

The MTS Professor, pastor Nikolai Kornilov, presented Certificates of Completion in recognition of the rigorous work, which is all directed toward ministry leadership. The students expressed their deep appreciation to the seminary, the professors and administrators who supported them in the program. The photographs below tell the story; special gifts accompanied the certificates; along with a prayer of dedication.

Several of the graduates expressed interest in continuing in the MTS Bachelor track.

Facility Improvements

Also, you’ll notice the photographs from our MTS facility which include disability access, which is now complete. It is a result of government inspections. MTS was pleased to comply.

The changes allow a new level of access for people with disabilities including the visually impaired as well as those who require wheelchair access. We now have signage in Braille, special ramps and improved access in our restrooms.

We thank God for our graduates and our improved facilities!

POSTED Apr 14, 2019