MTS Faculty travel to Bible School In Tatarstan

One of the great challenges to our work is that Russia is so vast. Our Moscow Seminary and its ten learning centers still only reach a fraction of the Russian population.

From time to time, we support faculty travel to outlying cities.  The Moscow Theological Seminary provided a learning experience for a Tatarstan organized school for preachers and lay leaders in their area.


The Urgent Need

Quality training for these local ministers, preachers, and leaders of small groups is greatly needed and much appreciated. Every church calls for sound doctrine and quality preaching.  Exclusive reliance on internet resources for these leaders often work against the church – errant doctrine can creep in.  The offerings of highly skilled faculty present and reinforce credible, biblical doctrine and integrity in the local church.

To strengthen these Tatarstan churches and train their highly motivated leaders, an academic theological program was assembled to prepare for life’s real challenges. Seminars are held once a month on the weekends in any one of the churches of Tatarstan.

The First Session – 27 Christian Leaders

In November 2018, in the first session called together by an MTS academic dean, twenty-seven people were in attendance. They came from the churches of Tatarstan and the neighboring republics: Udmurtia and Mari El. An introductory lesson in homiletics immediately captured the interest of the brothers and inspired them to further study.

The session took place in the city of Yelabuga in the House of Prayer. Barely in time, the church managed to acquire some rooms to hold worship services and classes. It is the only House of Prayer in all of Tatarstan. In addition to the training hall, there are adequate rooms in which students can be accommodated.

The local church made a worked hard to prepare these rooms for living, to purchase beds, bedding and necessary furniture for the next classes.

We are most grateful for your support and prayers. They enable us to ensure the success of further sessions – the arrival of teachers and students, room and board, the provision of educational materials.

Thank you!

POSTED Jan 28, 2019