MTS Graduate Pastor Vyacheslav Leads his Congregation

MTS Graduate Pastor Vyacheslav Leads his Congregation


Vyacheslav is the lead pastor of a church in a small village with a population of twelve thousand people. It’s located 80 kilometers from Moscow. The pastor and his beautiful family live and minister faithfully here.

Vyacheslav graduated from Moscow Theological Seminary in 2004 with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in pastoral studies. His program is a combination of theology with a heavy emphasis in Bible and pastoral care.

He says, “The time of study at the seminary was an excellent opportunity to receive a quality theological education, systematizing all knowledge in a single algorithm.”

The church has about 30 members. People from his village come to the church each Sunday and join in Sunday school for the children and worship that follows.

Pastor Vyacheslav actively collaborates with pastors of the Moscow Association of Churches as well as former seminary classmates. He conducts common events in the village, preaching the gospel in and around the village.

On February 9, a choir from the Moscow Church of Golgotha visited the community of the village for an inspiring concert.

These recent photos tell the story.


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POSTED Feb 18, 2020