Academic Programs

Degree and Certificate Programs Offered by the Moscow Theological Seminary

The goals for every graduate are: to be a disciple and minister of Jesus Christ, serving His kingdom; to possess an abiding love for people and the work of Christian ministry in the context of the church; to inspire students; to be involved in the ministry; to bear witness to the truth of Scripture; to maintain the historic principles of the Christian faith; to be ethically informed; to sensitively embody the moral imperatives of the Kingdom of God; and to integrate theological understandings with human need in the contemporary world.

Students at MTS can take classes in nine areas of study:

  • Pastoral Studies
  • Pastoral Masters
  • Christian Education
  • Christian Education Masters
  • Social Work
  • Youth Ministry
  • Worship Arts
  • Counseling
  • Digital Media for Evangelism (North Caucasus only)

Additionally, MTS offers certification programs in the following high-need areas:

  • Youth
  • Church-State Relations
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Church Administration
  • Bible Mission
  • Rehabilitation Ministry

Academic Schedule

Bachelor’s degree programs follow an intensive model as the vast majority of students are bi-vocational and must take leave from work to attend class. Students attend sessions once, twice, or three times a year as they work to complete a five-year bachelor’s program. Each session is two weeks of intensive classroom and course work. Students typically live on campus during their sessions. Chapel meets five days a week while classes are in session.

Distance Learning (Online Courses)

Ideally, students would access training at MTS or one of its training centers, where they can benefit from direct training, preparation, mentorship, interaction, and fellowship with other ministry leaders. However, for church leaders and ministry workers in remote areas who don’t have the ability to attend MTS or one of its training centers, MTS offers a Distance Learning program. With a growing enrollment of over 300 students, this program is training leaders with limited access from all across Russia and even from other Russian-speaking nations in Europe and Asia.

This special program now offers 47 courses organized in 15 modules. Key features of these distance programs include:

  • Offering a module/cohort of courses in a predetermined sequence and format
  • Utilizing Skype and other online tools for occasional face to face group discussions assisted by faculty
  • Providing spiritual formation opportunities like “online chapel” or discipleship chat discussions for remote students.

Correspondence Courses

MTS is partnered with Bible Mission International (BMI) to offer correspondence courses. Executive Director Victor Baranov is a 2000 graduate of MTS. BMI students uses a traditional correspondence lesson plan of 32 booklets to complete their certificate. About a thousand students from all across Russia are enrolled. BMI now offers all of their course booklets online.

BMI is based in Germany, with a U.S. office in Kansas. The organization was founded in 1991. Worldwide, BMI has provided Bible training for more than 35,000 individuals.


The seminary is a member of the Euro-Asiatic Accreditation Association.