Pastor Sergey P. – in his own words

Pastor Sergey P. – in his own words

I was born in Korolev, just north of Moscow. It is a closed cosmonautics city, known for its strategic Mission Control Center. My family had only vague ideas about God.

At that time, our country lived under the control of the Soviet Union. There could be no talk of the Word of God. When the crisis came into the country, Perestroika, something inside me did break down. The reforms were intended to bring freedom and progress, but instead brought joblessness, shortages and economic depression.

It was impossible for me to live as I always had. It all seemed hopeless and dull with no way out. I even wanted to leave the USSR, but that would be impossible. I fell into a long depression.

At that time, I had a friend whose mother was a sincere evangelical believer. At that stage of my life, I dreamed of a professional career as a football player. I was seriously involved in sports. For the first time in my life, from this dear woman, I heard about Jesus Christ. At first, it made no lasting impression on me. But since I spent a lot of time with my friend’s family, my life began to change gradually. It became somehow brighter, more meaningful and spiritually richer.

By the end, in 1992, I encountered Christ. After enrolling in a program of theological study, in 1999 I graduated from the Moscow Theological Seminary with a master’s degree in theology.

By then, I developed a new dream: to serve young people. Then my most cherished dream came true – in March 2000 in Moscow, with God’s help, my colleague and friend Yuri P. (also a graduate of MTS) founded a new church.

To this day we serve as co-pastors of that church.

POSTED Sep 23, 2019