RLM Update Coronavirus: Covid-19 and RLM

RLM Update Coronavirus: Covid-19 and RLM

Coronavirus fears have gone global. We are all aware and focused on the pandemic now dominating the headlines. This fear is affecting our economy in a big way as people are hunkering down until the initial phase of this Coronavirus passes and prayerfully the curve flattens. The reality is that this virus is proving to be more dangerous than the flu bugs we have known, particularly for our elderly population.

In light of the American government’s directive in many states that but for essential services all should isolate themselves, we at RLM have been working remotely from our homes.  We are available for telephone consultations and e-mail communications.

Just as important, however, is our concern for the Moscow Theological Seminary and ministry in Russia.

Despite its large population and the extensive border with China, Russia has reported just over 300 confirmed coronavirus cases. Pneumonia, reportedly, is booming, according to their official statistics.  Very recently, Jeffery Rossman wrote this post on Solon.com (March 20, 2020)

  • “While it is possible that this low number reflects [Russia’s] active border control and screening there is a concern that this reflects either a lack of screening or a lack of reporting… Hopefully, this is simply a case of good border control or low rates of testing, but time will tell.”

The work and ministry of Russian Leadership Ministries as carried out by the seminary and the learning centers continues in earnest. We will continue to share stories from Russia here and on our Facebook page.

We thank you and ask that you continue to pray for this vital work, especially now as the global crisis poses a health threat all over Russia as well.

As you pray for us, we pray for you, too. These are challenging days for us all. As you are able, know that your continued support is as important now as ever.

We are grateful – and our leadership in Russia thanks you, too.

Most sincerely,

Dale Kemp
Board Chairman and President
Russian Leadership Ministries

POSTED Apr 11, 2020