Insider Circle: Seminary Undertakes  Post-Covid Review

Insider Circle: Seminary Undertakes Post-Covid Review

Insider Circle Update

March 12, 2021

Greetings to our beloved Insider Circle member!

As we enter into a post-Covid era, I am pleased to report to you that paths for the work and ministry of Moscow Theological Seminary (MTS) are being reviewed to strengthen our ministry opportunities. These past two years have brought about significant external pressures to the Seminary which include:

  • a pandemic that caused significant yet temporary changes to the classroom
  • the revocation of one government educational licensure
  • the securing a new continuing education government licensure
  • the retirement of the Academic Dean
  • a changing religious and political situation

Many of you are aware that in the United States a standard exercise for educational institutions is to undertake an independently performed “ten-year review.”  MTS last had such a review in 2006.  In a similar fashion, the MTS Board in cooperation with RLM engaged recently a highly qualified core or evangelical educators to undertake such a review.

These consultants are faithful Godly men who are tasked to analyze the Seminary and develop recommendations for the Board.  Our own Dr. Daniel Block serves on this team.  More specifically, the MTS Board asked to review:

  • the strength of the academic biblical programming
  • the legal issues and the potential to improve church-state relations
  • the use of its Distance Learning programing
  • the work and development of faculty, and
  • student admission qualifications and success.

This review is in preparation for the new academic year beginning in the Fall, 2021. Know that we will keep you informed of the progress in the months ahead.

Will you as our faithful supporters pray with us – that through this review the Lord will show us in unity how to strengthen the work and mission of the Seminary?  We are encouraged by this timely development will be pleased to clarify and identify the new opportunities before us!  We will continue in greater ways to prepare pastors and leaders for the Church in Russia by supporting Russians leading Russians.

We pray for you as well – for your health, your family, your ministries, your business, and your faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Most sincerely in Him,

Dale Kemp



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