About Us

About Us

Spreading the Hope of Christ throughout Russia

"We want to see the Russian people flourishing in Christ in their work, relationships, and lives. And for that, they need ministry leaders who are grounded in God’s Word.

RLM works to equip indigenous Russian Christian leaders to bring the Gospel to their churches and communities. Through opportunities like leadership training, ministry resources, and the Moscow Theological Seminary, we are equipping leaders to spread the hope of Christ throughout Russia."

—Dale Kemp, RLM Board Chairman

  • Our Vision

    To see millions of Russian men, women, and children receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and to see Russia transformed by the hope and power of the Gospel.

  • Our Mission

    To prepare pastoral leaders to impact Russia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Our Focus

    To strengthen and expand the ministry of the Moscow Theological Seminary and its academic programs, training centers, leadership training and ministry resources -- helping it fulfill its mission to serve and equip the church in Russia for Gospel ministry.

  • Our Commitments

    1. To be a people of prayer
    2. To demonstrate trust, openness, and integrity in our relationships
    3. To work with the Russian Christian leaders as equal partners in planning, making decisions, and setting priorities
    4. To promote spiritual, programmatic, and financial independence
    5. To relate in culturally appropriate ways
    6. To support a fully indigenous and locally led seminary