Graduation in Time of Crisis

Graduation in Time of Crisis

REPORT in their OWN WORDS – 

Moscow: April 2020

Just this month, the Mission and Evangelism group received their coveted certificates of successful completion of training.

These were two arduous years of study. There were two major, unexpected challenges for this graduating class: the government’s inspection which closed the seminary facility, and then the general quarantine for Сovid-19.

But thank God, our student ministers demonstrated a strong faith and diligent perseverance. They overcame hard circumstances and put their faith and hope in the Lord.

The program is designed for Christians who want to understand the will of God through basic academic knowledge. This means developing special skills in both the study of the Holy Scriptures and the practical application of the knowledge gained. They focussed on missionary service, evangelism, planting, and developing churches in various cultural contexts – both the social and cultural spheres of society.

Based on the Bible and the experience of the Church, our teachers transferred knowledge about the basic principles of evangelism; with varying methods, and effective forms of missionary service all in the cultural and historical environment of Russian Orthodoxy, Islam, and other religions. They contributed to the spiritual formation of students as practicing Christians performing the Great Commission in all spheres of life, including the basics of systematic and practical theology and the history of the Church.

We thank God for these new graduates – and pray for their ministries as they return to their places of service!

POSTED Apr 26, 2020