MTS Reaches Ryazan and Smolensk

MTS Reaches Ryazan and Smolensk

March 26, 2019

NEWS from MTS:

MTS Reaches Ryazan and Smolensk

In October 2018, the first session of the MTS Group was held in Ryazan, 184 km from Moscow. The program is prepared jointly with local brothers. Classes are held once a month for 3 hours on Friday and 9 hours on Saturday. The next lesson in the same course takes place in a month. As each course concludes, the next program follows.

Three Year Commitment

The whole program is designed for three years of study. At the first lesson there were about 60 people. By February 2019, Introduction to the Old Testament, Introduction to New Testament and Hermeneutics courses were given. While some were unable to complete the program, the group still has about 40 people. Students take written examinations in each subject.

In February 2019, the same program began in Smolensk.

In a quiet suburban place 38 students gathered and classes began on February 7. Introduction to the Old Testament has aroused great interest. There were lively discussions, students expressed their opinions, asked questions. No one was bored during class. Sisters from Smolensk churches cooked meals and delighted us with this. In general, it can be said that this initiative is proposed to be continued in other regions, in particular in Tatarstan.

From one of our MTS Students – in her own words…

Alena D (Counseling program)

I am studying the Bible Counseling program at the Moscow Theological Seminary. I plan to receive from this program a spiritual growth for the development of my ministry, as well as a correct understanding of the ministry, the way God sees it. I want to become more effective in the ministry, to see the problems faced by young people and teenagers, and I hope to become a wise mentor on the path of the spiritual formation of brothers and sisters.

I really like the curriculum, subjects, mentors, communication with other students and the opportunity to share experiences, providing everything necessary for comfortable learning: living conditions, food, equipment, library.

For me, the most difficult in learning is the process of self-organization.

I recommend to study at the seminary to our youth and members of the home group, because it will help to strengthen in God, choose the right focus in your life, the right direction, help you learn to look at earthly life through the prism of eternity.

In my church I am involved in music ministry (worship group). Please pray for my church “Evangelism” (Volgograd region):

  • about the reconstruction of the church building, about the pastor (Nazarkin G) and his family;
  • about the leader of the youth (Anton K) about the team of the music ministry: so that the Lord would attach ministers, so that everything needed – equipment and musical instruments,

… so that our ministry would be for the Glory of God and the expansion of His Kingdom in our city and region, so that we could perform our ministry be true and be worthy of the title to which the Lord called us!