Pastor Sergey – Serving Voronezh

Pastor Sergey – Serving Voronezh

From our MTS Team

Sergey Molostov entered the Moscow Theological Seminary in order to develop his skills and knowledge as an effective minister in his Church.

He says that his time of study at the seminary helped him to be more open, more resourceful, and well-rounded, especially as he serves young people in preaching the Gospel. They are the future of the church. He is fully engaged and guiding their growth.

Pastor Molostov lives and ministers in Voronezh, about 520 km from Moscow.

He and his wife have a baby son. The church he serves has about 400 members. There are services on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. In addition, he leads youth and adults home groups, takes trips to villages and boarding schools to teach, encourage, and inspire.

Sergey really appreciates and is grateful for his seminary teachers. They not only transfer knowledge and insight, they model godly leadership.

Sergey intends to not only survive this challenging time but thrive, thanks to the seminary’s impact on his life. His prayer is that the entire enterprise continues to be a blessing to all of Russia.

POSTED Jun 24, 2020